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          以下是由應屆畢業生 簡歷 范文 網介紹的 教育 培訓英文 簡歷

          name: gender:

          at present in guangzhou age: 23

          registered permanent residence is in: jieyang nationality: china

          marital status: single nation: han

          work expected

          1, 2, 3 foreign trade media publishing, education training

          but to date the within a week


          talent type: fresh graduates

          applied position: merchandiser: merchandiser, writing/publications/printing: practice editor, journalists, teachers: intern teachers

          term: the title: no title

          job types: part-time date available: a week

          monthly salary requirements: negotiable hope work areas: guangzhou,,

          work experience

          guangdong university of foreign studies start-stop years: XX-06-so far

          the company properties: by sector:

          position: teaching group, the second classroom teachers

          education background

          graduate school: guangdong university of foreign studies

          the highest degree: bachelor degree: graduation date: XX-

          professional one: the foreign chinese major 2:

          language ability

          language: good English cantonese level: good

          other foreign language ability: french

          mandarin level: excellent

          ability to work and other specialty

          computer skill to use microoffice4 years, for provincial ordinary high school information technology level certificate level is good

          self assessment

          work on the positive efforts, serious and responsible, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good team spirit and organizational cooperation ability


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